About Us

We are two girls devoted to design and fashion, who enjoy indulging in all things beautiful in our place in the sun...Palm Beach, Florida!

Luxe Report is something we created to share with you our love and passion for everything LUXE...design, fashion, lifestyle, entertaining and travel! We hope you will visit us daily to check out the latest Luxe Report!
With professional backgrounds that include both interior design and real estate, our passion for a  well-dressed home runs deep.  Combine that with our love for entertaining, and Luxe Report Designs, LLC was born! If you like the designs you see and are interested in any of our services, please contact us at luxereportblog@gmail.com.
About Luxe Report Designs
Luxe Report Designs was founded by Christin Carron and Lauren Kukkamaa, whose design philosophy is about embracing old Palm Beach glamour, while maintaining a current sophistication by incorporating clean, modern lines and a bold, but simple color palette.

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