Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Introducing Luxe Report Marketplace!

From time to time we find ourselves overloaded with home decor that we unfortunately no longer have a place for. Whether its because new items are taking their place or simply because we couldn't pass up a deal (occupational hazard), we've both managed to create a surplus of inventory in our storage rooms. And because of this, we're excited to launch Luxe Report Marketplace! Something we are starting because we truly feel that these items are much better suited living in someone's home, than sitting in storage!
Each week we'll be adding a new item, and if you're interested in purchasing you can send an e-mail to luxereportblog@gmail.com. Unfortunatley, local pick-up only at this time.

You may remember from a few weeks ago, this rattan pagoda etagere was refinished after spending a few months in my garage! Well despite my best efforts, there is just not a place in our current home for this etagere. 

Measures 36w x 79h x 18d
 Comes with 4 glass shelves
Any reader interested, please let us know!

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