Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Luxe Decor: DIY Raffia Headboard

One piece of furniture I've had my eye on for a long time is the Oly Ingrid Bed.  The beautiful, unique lines, raffia material and brass nailheads are the perfect combination for my dream headboard.  Sadly, this bed is a few thousand dollars more than I want to spend right, which one reason it has remained a "dream".  
My mom has also shared my fondness for this headboard.  But her typical response is, "I can make that!".  Never being afraid of a "Do It Yourself" project, she got my dad on board to help tackle this huge undertaking.  Between my mom's creativity and attention to detail and my dad's craftsmanship, they created a nearly identical version of the raffia Ingrid headboard!!
Oly Ingrid Bed

Paper Template

Foam on plywood

Batting over foam and plywood

Before Nailheads

Nailhead Detail

Finished Product

Awesome job, Mom and Dad!!  The only thing that would help it look even better is if it were in my house! ;)  
Mom, while I got every bit of my creativity and passion for design from you, I'm not sure I could take on this major project.  So impressive! 


Clementine & Olive said...

Oh my! This looks remarkable! One of the best DIY's I've ever seen.

Go you!

Haymarket Designs said...

I have been wanting this bed forever as well. Can you tell me where your mom got the raffia? I'd love to attempt my own DIY version (although your parents set the standard very high!!!)

Anonymous said...

Love it! I'd also like to know where your mom purchased the raffia. Thanks!

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