Friday, June 22, 2012

The Nursery Diaries Part One: My Inspiration & The Modern Crib

Lauren here. For those who don't know, the hubby and I are expecting our first (a boy!) in September and we could not be more thrilled! In addition to the obvious excitement of starting our very own family, I have been daydreaming about creating our first nursery since seeing that wonderful little plus sign. 

Discovering we have a boy on the way has brought many changes to how I thought I might design our first nursery.  It has certainly been different than dreaming up that perfectly pink, girly nursery with a classic Jenny Lind crib and a flowing ruffled crib skirt. But I digress.

A boy's nursery obviously requires more masculinity, and in my opinion, that means clean, sharp lines.  For our boy, I have fallen in love with the modern crib:

The Ultimate Nursery: Rachel Zoe
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Love the modern crib paired with raffia walls and a zebra rug

Abstract art above the crib adds another modern element
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

In line with these nurseries, I have decided to go with a very similar two-toned modern design.  Babyletto's 3-in-1 convertible modo crib.  Most importantly, the reviews are great and the price is right!  Of course choosing the ultimate in modern cribs is easy when you have bucks deluxe like Blue Ivy's parents.

So, I won't be buying Blue Ivy's lucite crib.  But as a lover of lucite, I will be incoporating lucite shelving for books and toys.

The room we are transforming was previously used as a den/office, and we already had a great little sofa in there from Artesia Collections.  I decided that this sofa would stay in the nursery and take the place (gasp!) of getting a glider.

Taking another cue from Rachel Zoe's nursery, I decided to use a sheepskin rug to add some coziness.  I went with the faux sheepskin rug from Home Decorator's Collection and again, it is a great bargain with great reviews!

The last big piece of furniture to add to the room is a dresser.  I definitely wanted to do a dresser and not a traditional changing table.  I'm thinking the Ikea Malm Dresser is a good, modern choice.

Onto colors and is pretty much a given for us.  Again, since it is a boy, and our house very much already has a navy palette throughout the main living areas, we decided that we would stick with it as a main color in the nursery.  The more I sought out color inspirations, I decided that I wanted to also incorporate lighter blues and pops of orange.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Having too much of a "theme" is something I want to stay away from.  So, I can't say that it will have a jungle theme or a beach theme, but I do love the idea of incorporating animals and seem to be stuck somewhere in between safari animals and sea life at the moment.  Will have to work on that...

So there you have it! Using these products and concepts, I have created my initial design!

Stay tuned for new posts in The Nursery Diaries series each Friday!


Lisa Kukkamaa said...

Can't wait to see how Shrimpy's room comes together!! What a lucky guy!!!! xo

Lake House Owner said...

Great job Lauren! Can you adopt me?!

Dawn DeCesare said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your initial design !!!!!
That is going to be one sweet baby suite !!!
What a FABULOUS mix !!!! Lucky little guy !!!

Allie said...

Awesome! What did you use to create your room? An app?

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