Thursday, November 15, 2012

Luxe Decor: Room Re-do & Cabana Stripes

Recently, my dad and stepmom, Lisa, bought a new vacation home on the water in Jensen Beach. Such a great spot to getaway on the weekends and just in time for their grandchildren to enjoy! With the sale of the house came all the furnishings and decor, which made the property an even sweeter deal! But as it goes, there are things to be changed.  And one of the first orders of business are new window valances for the den. 
The existing window valances were an interesting pattern and color choice, to the say the least. And Lisa knew she wanted something navy, to tie in the navy slipcovered sofa that came with the house.  After discussing a few different options, cabana stripes seemed to be the perfect choice.  The cabana stripe is such a classic design element that makes a dramatic impact, truly reprensenting chic coastal and outdoor living.
Cabana Stripe inspiration via my Pinterest

In addition to the new valances, we created a new overall design for the room to provide an even more coastal feel.  Using the existing sofa, we updated the sconce with a nautical look and added an Audubon Pelican print.  Mirrored pillows add some glam, while cabana striped pillows help to customize the theme of the room. A tropical plant, blue and white garden seat and coral finish the look!

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