Friday, November 30, 2012

Designing The New Digs: Dressing Room Sneak Peak

Well, it's no fabulous custom walk in closet, but our tiny 3rd bedroom makes a great dressing room in the meantime.  Since it's an old house and the closet space isn't ideal, we're making due!  Using the room allows me plenty of space to store my clothes and and it's fun getting ready surrounded by dresses, jewelry, shoes and handbags...all things girly!
I still have some work to do... Get a dresser, hang artwork and curtains and buy more clothes!  But it's been a great solution for us (until we build my dream closet!;)

At least I'm not cramming my clothes into this closet!

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Nicole P said...

Thanks so much for sharing your progress, it looks like you are off to an amazing start! I am currently shopping for a house myself and am looking for at least three bedrooms so that I can turn the smallest one in to a dressing room just like you have done here :) I love the look of the white shelves you used for your shoes - where did that unit come from?

Christin Carron said...

Thanks Nicole! The bookcase is from Ikea. I bought it years ago...I don't think they have the same one available but they do have some other options. West Elm has a great parsons bookcase too.
Good luck with the house hunting!

arun kumar said...

Extremely professional all the time and the Dressing closet materials were great. They work was done by a person who was very careful with everything you owned.

James Brown said...

Post is very informative,It helped me with great information about the dressing which i really like it thank you for posting it

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