Friday, October 12, 2012

Designing the New Digs: My Dressing Room

It may seem like I'm jumping all over the place, but that's kind of how I've been as I begin designing the new house.  It's hard to focus on one room or category, especially since we haven't moved in and there is so much excitement and anticipation! One moment I'm researching rugs for the living room, the next I'm shopping for a chandelier for the entry...dreaming up wallpaper in the powder room....designing a headboard for the master... You get the picture.  Lately my thoughts have been about my "dressing room"....

Let's daydream for a moment, shall we?
photos via my pinterest

So dreamy.
Okay, now back to reality.  Really, this is not what my closet will look like right now but girl can dream, right?  Eventually, we plan on putting on an addition and expanding the master bedroom and bath and (fingers crossed) creating an actual walk in closet.  But currently, we have other priorities.  One day I'll have the custom built ins and room for island and lounge furniture... But until then, here's what I'm thinking...
I am planing on using our smallest guest bedroom as a "dressing room".  (That is, until we start a family and do the addition.)  Here is how I intend to create the closet space...
White Lacquered Bookcase for my Shoes

Rolling Racks for my Clothes

Remember this? Perfectly cozy for baby Hank's nursery.  And equally chic and comfy for my new dressing room!

Floor Length Mirror
(which I already own)

Glamorous Vintage Brass and Crystal Tiered Chandelier
(from Nettie's Thrift Shop in West Palm Beach)

Funky Vintage Lucite and Gold Vanity with Tri-fold Mirror
(Also, from Nettie's Thrift Shop.
And here's a tid bit of information...the vanity mirror was borrowed for the filming of Iron Man 3.  Keep an eye out!)

Vintage Chest for additional storage (maybe with new gold hardware?)

Clothing Organized by Color

My hope and plan is to create a space the will feel and function like a custom walk in closet, but can be easily transformed back into a bedroom down the road.  As usual, stay tuned.
And PS, we close on Monday!!

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