Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Luxe Decor: Blue & White Chinese Pottery

Well here's a design element that hasn't gotten and white Chinese pottery.  We've already mentioned this topic in reference to Chinoiserie Chic, but it's really a category that stands on it's own.  Ralph Lauren helped make this concept a huge design trend way back when and it seems to have stood the test of time.  I'm not sick of it yet, are you?!  Classically, it looks so great paired with bright whites and navy stripes.  A chic look you really can't go wrong with!  I've taken a different the direction with my house, but I still love the pottery, so I've learned to introduce it where it's a little less expected.  The truth is, it's classic so it can really be mixed with any decor!
images via my pinterest

At one point most of the blue and white pottery was original antique or vintage pieces.  This made it a little harder to come by, but currently there are some great (affordable!) options out there.

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