Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Luxe Beauty: Product Talk

Since Hank's birth (one month ago today!!!), my makeup drawer hasn't seen much action.  I know Christin and I suffer from beauty ruts every so often, but I'm not sure there's anything that puts you in a beauty rut quite like having a newborn! These days I'm happy if my teeth are brushed by noon and I get to apply some moisturizer to my face.  The other day I asked Hank if I'd ever blow dry my hair again. He didn't answer.
But I know like the ruts before, this too shall pass.  And sometimes a new product or two is all you need for that pick-me-up.  Though I do enjoy seeking out new products on my own, I generally try out new products based on personal recommendations.  I like to hear what other people are using and what works for them, so here's a list of my current favorite beauty products. I'd love to hear yours!

Hello old friends.
For bedtime, or in my case, for when you will get no chance to apply anything more to your face. Definitely a splurge product, but I am absolutely loving this moisturizer!
This too works well when you don't have much time for anything else.  
Concealer.  Need I say more?
This bronzer and blush is tried and true for Christin and I.  One of the products I go back for more and more of!
Gives that extra shimmer on the cheeks (or eyes!) for nights out on the town. 
A must-have to prevent your shadow from creasing. I like to wear this primer alone too. It seems to give the lids a good lift.
I change up shadows probably more than any other product.  I'm always drawn to a neutral palette with both shimmer and matte shadows.
Love the way this pencil glides on.  For me, I always opt for brown liner instead of black.
 Another product I keep coming back to. I love the fullness of the wand.
Smashbox's Brow Tech goes on easy using an angled brush.
Love this wax pencil to keep the brows in place!
A good non-tinted lip conditioner is a must-have for me.
 My current favorite gloss (this changes a lot too). Light-weight and not too sticky!
So do tell, what is your must-have product?


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