Friday, October 19, 2012

Designing the New Digs: Bringing the Outdoors In & Giveaway Winner!

One thing I have promised myself with new house is to cultivate my green thumb.  Not only for our beautiful yard (which since closing I've realized is huge and totally overwhelming!), but also with bringing some plant life inside.  I haven't always had the best track record with this in the past, but I'm determined to be better at it.  
Here are some of my favorite options.

Calamondin Trees

Fiddle Fig Trees

Palm Leaf

Palm Tree


Here are some great options to display your beautiful indoor foliage

I'm eager to show you pics of the new house, but at the moment all I have is "before" shots...And you can't see befores without the afters!

Giveaway Winner
Thank you everyone who participated in our giveaway drawing!
Congrats to Amanda Parisi!  You were our 8th comment for the Rapunzel's Closet jewelry box Giveaway! Please e-mail us at so we can send out your beautiful earrings and cuff! 

1 comment:

Amanda Parisi said...

Thank you so much Lauren and Christin! Im so excited to win! You ladies are such great role models for all young women out there! Keep rockin' it!!!

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