Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Hank!

Hard to believe that a whole year has gone by since we welcomed Mark Henry into this world! The past year has truly been one of the hardest, yet most rewarding learning experiences of my life.  Persevering when you want to give up (hello, nursing), accepting there are things you cannot change and it's OK (hello, nursing, I'm talking to you again), relearning time management, overcoming fear of trips to the grocery store, accepting that accidents will happen and that baby proofing is an evil necessity (my coffee table has been wiped clean of d├ęcor for a good four months).

Mark and I struggled at times to find our way as new parents, but ultimately all of the struggles were overcome with the joy of seeing our baby grow and change every single day. Each day gets better and better as we grow together as a family. Go back in time and revisit my journey creating his nursery, read the story of how Hank made his entrance, or simply click on the video below for a snapshot look into our past year!

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