Monday, September 30, 2013

Luxe Lifestyle: Favorite New Purchase: GLO Whitening Pen

While standing in line at Sephora this weekend, I fell victim to a counter impulse purchase.  A Sephora staffer walked up to us in line, and decided to demonstrate the GLO teeth whitening pen in front of us all as if we were in such desperate need of a little whitening.  After watching her literally paint her teeth and discuss her newly freshened breath, I smiled, a little self-consciously, setting a mental reminder to use some white strips when I got home.
But last minute I remembered why I was in that line in the first place! Buying last minute necessities for our trip to Napa Valley this week! And if a trip filled with daily wine tastings (hello, purple teeth!) doesn't call for a teeth whitening pen to be stashed in your purse, I don't know what does!

Has anyone ever used this? Let us know how it is!
Have a wonderful week Luxe readers! We will be back next week with lots of photos of our trip! xo

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Craig White said...

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