Monday, March 4, 2013

Luxe Lifestyle: New Favorite Purchase: Nude Wedges

While trying on a dress at BCBG, I asked if they had any wedges I could try it on with...  I was pleasantly pleased when the sales girl returned with a beautiful pair of nude wedges.  I loved the dress, and it was actually what I was really in the market for, but I walked out with the shoes instead!  
I particularly love the perfect shade of nude tan leather, the simplicity of the strap over the toes and while I'm typically not fond of a strap around the ankle, they are surprisingly flattering!  Gaining a few inches with a platform wedge doesn't hurt either!


Casey said...

May I ask you where you got that lamp from?? It is just perfect!!!

Luxe Report said...

@Casey Thank you! I've had it for nearly 10 years now...practically an antique! ;) I believe a got it from Pottery Barn actually.

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