Friday, July 19, 2013

Luxe Travel: French Adventures

I  recently traveled to Paris and the South on France for a week on business...afterwards, my husband met me back in Paris for a couple of days.  While our time there was fleeting, Paris never disappoints...what a magical city!
Paris Boutique Hotel

Pretty Scenes from Paris

Paris Flea Market

Avignon Hotel

French Breakfast

Goodies from the fairs

Incredible Lunch in the South of France

Reward after a long day

9:30pm in Paris!

Arc de Triomphe

Hubby is here!
Dinner at Joel Robuchon's Restaurant

Evening Rickshaw Ride from Champs Elysees to Saint Honore

Parisian Breakfast

French Pastries & Macaroons


My Favorite

Walking the city

The Bridge of Locks of Love

Loved the striped awnings

Early Birthday Present

Costes Flower Shop

A perfect Parisian Photo Op

The Louvre

Lunch in the Park

Obligatory Eiffel Tower Photo 
(even though we didn't have time to go :( )

Next stop, Rome!


Portuguese Prepster said...

fabulous pictures!! Definitely giving me the travel itch!

Anonymous said...

oooh how beautiful are the pictures?!

Your shirt dress is divine....cant I ask where it is from and if you think it might still be available?


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