Friday, September 14, 2012

Designing the New Digs: The First Order of Business

Our one month countdown to our closing date begins now!  I've been busy brainstorming ideas, fabrics, window treatments, eventual renovations, etc, but first things first...While our "to do" list for the new house is a mile long, we feel that there are only two things completely necessary to do before we actually move in...Refinish the floors and paint.  
We are very fortunate that nearly the entire house already has hardwood floors.  That saves us a huge step (and a lot of money) in having to install them ourselves.  But the existing floors have gotten a lot of wear and tear and are in dire need of a face lift.  We figure we might as well do it immediately while the house is empty.  Plus, now we get to update the stain to our liking!  Currently, they are a worn walnut color....but we're thinking of restaining a rich espresso.  Not quite ebony, but a very dark brown.
We all know paint in the easiest way to transform a room.  And it looks like we will be very busy "transforming" rooms as we have quite a variety of paint colors (mustard yellow, lime green, sage green...) to cover up!  You're probably wondering what colors I will choose to paint the house?...and I hope I don't disappoint you when I tell you everything will be getting a fresh coat of WHITE paint!  I don't think anything can make a room feel as new and clean, quite like white paint can.  Also, since the house was built in 1930, there are so many wonderful architectural details we want to stand out. The arches and moldings, pecky cypress ceilings, fireplace and mantle, and turret stairwell will look amazing with the restained floors and fresh paint.

Check out these incredible homes with similar floor and wall combinations!
images via my pinterest

As simple as it seems, I think these changes will create the perfect canvas to not only highlight the architecture and detail of the house but showcase our furniture and artwork!  
Now the real challenge...finding the right white!


Anonymous said...

Love it! My dad is a contractor who specializes in refurbishing hardwood floors and finish carpentry, in fact he is refurbishing a pecky cypress deck right now! In case you need a guy for the job :) - Amber

Luxe Report said...

Thanks Amber! xx

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