Thursday, August 8, 2013

Luxe Decor: Gray Malin's Photography

I find art is one of the toughest categories to source for my home and especially for clients.  Great, original and affordable artwork is not always easy to come by.  And on top of that, it so personal.  It's important to have a connection to the art you hang in your home.  It should evoke a feeling or a memory, "speak" to you in some way, or at the very least you should just LOVE it.  
Recently we stumbled upon the photography of Gray Malin.  While all his work is remarkable, we are both particularly fond of his "A la Plage, A la Piscine" series and his latest series "La Dolce Vita".  
One of the reasons we love living in South Florida so much is we are constantly surrounded by water...whether lounging by the pool or basking under an umbrella at the beach...  It's the same reason we're captivated by Gray's work...He captures the beauty of the water and the beaches and the good life!  We love his vibrant colors, subject matter and his incredible perspective.  

Gray shooting his "La Dolce Vita" Series

A la Plage, A la Piscine

La Dolce Vita
It just so happened I was in the Amalfi Coast the same time Gray was shooting his "La Dolce Vita" series of Italian beaches! While I believe we were in Positano the same day, unfortunately our paths never crossed... But I was so excited to see how he captured the spectacular coastal town that I fell in love with.  Love it all!! Well done Gray! 

Check out all his work on his site 

Recently we did an installation for a clients dining room where we use Gray's "Miami Edgy Hotel Pool".  It looks incredible!
More photos of the installation to come!

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