Friday, August 9, 2013

Luxe Lifestyle: Friday Vignettes

New on Luxe Report...Friday Vignettes.  Where we give you a glimpse of our homes, whether it be a spot where we've added fresh flowers, or a new piece of furniture, or perhaps just moved some decor accessories around (because we're always doing that!).
Sometimes I find myself feeling "over" the pair of framed blue coral art that I have flanking my armoire. But lately I've had a new appreciation for them.  Especially when viewing the art up close.  It really is a striking blue print, and I love the white lacquered frames. Such a great little sitting area created out of a much larger living space.

1 comment:

Grace Zunker said...

Hi, just wondering if you remember where you got this stool? I've been looking for one everywhere!

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