Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Luxe Decor: Chippendale Railings

Like our love for Chippendale chairs, we too have a thing for Chippendale railings.
images via my Pinterest
I always knew it, but it has been further confirmed the more I spend my time house hunting.  I am constantly looking at houses, and while considering what kind of TLC they are in need of, I immediately say to myself, "paint it white, stain the floors and incorporate some Chippendale railings." That right there is my trifecta of home improvements.  The Chippendale railing, especially when paired with a bright colored home and a white tile roof, defines the Bermuda style architecture so well that we see so much of down here in South Florida. 
And though I contemplate adding it to my future home in some way, maybe I'll be lucky enough to end up in one of the homes for sale that already has it:

And one more home for sale that I stumbled upon...this fits more into the dream home category.

A Chippendale-railed sundeck. 
 Now that's the stuff of dreams.

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