Thursday, January 31, 2013

Luxe Holiday: Valentine's Day Guide

February starts tomorrow! Hard to believe! Valentine's Day is officially around the corner. Lots of pink and red, chocolates and candy, flowers, balloons and a fun reason to celebrate all of your loved ones.  
This year I put out the classic conversation hearts over jelly beans or red hots as I will be less tempted to eat them all!
The "Friend Me" heart is my favorite!

Valentine's Day
1.  Pop a bottle of rosé and add these festive heart drink stirrers (similar) to your champagne flutes.
2.  I love the festive look and blunt message of these note cards. Perfect for all of your valentines!
3.  Essie's Really Red for the fingers and toes.
4.  A pink peplum feminine and romantic for dinner with your love!
5.  Or instead of dinner stay in and watch only the most romantic movie ever made.  Hey Girl, Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Ryan
6.  Feel like Lisa VanderPump dressed in all pink? Pair basic black or white with this ombré statement necklace for just a pop of pink.
7. Indulge in the Sweetheart Macaron Collection from our favorite sweet boutique.
8.  Whether you give, receive, or buy for yourself, fresh flowers in the home make you feel good!

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Lisa Kukkamaa said...

Lauren, you are my sister Valentine! I love you SO much!!!!!! xox

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