Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Luxe Lifestyle: What's In Your Beach Bag? Hello Boudreau's Bag

Our fun series continues! Today we have guest blogger and fellow Floridian, Kelly Boudreau of Hello Boudreau, sharing her beach picks!
Kelly of Hello Boudreau
"Hi Luxe Report readers! When I purchase a bathing suit I always end up buying a solid color; I love to mix-match my tops and bottoms and solids are fun to color block! Just recently we all watched the Miss America 2013 pageant and during the swimwear portion of the competition I was completely obsessed with Miss Wyoming who wore a huge statement necklace with her bikini. She was the only contestant to wear jewelry with her swimwear and I think she made a major fashion statement and looked amazing. I never bring my expensive sunglasses to the beach because I worry about losing them in the water, sand scratching the lenses, etc. I try to be practical when going to the beach and I won't be upset if I get suntan oil on my $5.00 H&M sunglasses. Turkish Towels are the best beach towels because they are super absorbent and dry quickly - no wet, sticky sand on your towel! Mint chapstick cools you down when it's super hot outside!"
The Inspiration

Hello Boudreau's Beach Bag


Thanks so much for sharing Kelly! We love the idea of a big statement necklace too!


la petite fashionista said...

stumbled upon your blog via my bestie, kelly! as a fellow FL girl i am loving your site & just wanted to stop by to say hi!


Beach Totes said...

Wow really such a great post here. Your are amazing style in bathing suit great option two colors like that a top and bottom colors changes.!

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