Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Luxe Decor: Fiddle Figs

Are fiddle figs the new banana leaves? We've always loved them, but we see them popping up more and more in living rooms, dining rooms and even the bathroom.  This ficus plant is a decor accessory whose skinny trunks and wide, waxy leaves provide a real tropical sophistication.
images via my Pinterest

Christin has a fiddle fig that stands in the corner of her den, and I now have one to fill the space left empty by our Christmas tree.
And now like the iconic banana leaf wallpaper, the fig leaves have become a pattern,  available as both a fabric and wallpaper.

In fact, we've posted about this fabric a few times before, but we recently suggested it for a client who wanted to spruce up their dressing rooms and sitting area with new curtains and pillows.  The fabric paired well with purple, their staple shop color, and the pattern is just so perfectly Palm Beach!

 We loved the print so much after seeing it in person that it might just end up in our homes too!

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Andrea said...

Yayayayay!!! You have made my fabric look so good!! Thank you very much! I used to like the lighter version better, but now I think the Afternoon version is my fave. Gorgeous!

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