Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Luxe Decor: Banana Leaves

When you think of design elements that embody the classic styles of vacation destinations like Palm Beach or Palm Springs, a bold banana leaf print comes to mind.  Dating back to the 40's and 50's, perhaps most notably used in the Fountain Coffee Room of the swanky Beverly Hills Hotel, and by design icons like Dorothy Draper, the print has made a comeback in a big way.  And maybe it's because we live in Palm Beach, but we are dying to use it! I would love to add some throw pillows to my guest quarters decor, and Christin can't wait to paper a powder room.

The great thing about banana leaves is that they are a natural occurring element, so whether you use a print or the real thing, the outcome is just as chic! But beware, not all banana leaf prints are created equal!

Three of Tory Burch's exquisitely-styled Florida boutiques feature some bold wallpaper!
images via Tory Burch


Ways to incorporate this amazing print...you can go bold with the wallpaper, or wear it to bed!

(same as in The Bevelry Hills Hotel!)

Not only can we can not get enough of this print right now, but we are absolutely loving it paired with a bright coral!

The Iconic Beverly Hills Hotel Wallpaper and Coral Linens

Nicky Hilton's Dining Room Papered and Paired with Black Lacquer and Coral Upholstery

Furbish Reupholstered Chairs Piped in Bright Pink

Tropical Wallpaper with Coral and White Bed Linens

While we are still waiting to see just how we will incorporate the pattern in our homes, the combination of the coral and tropical pattern has us planning our next event theme! Stay tuned!

images via my pinterest unless otherwise noted

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