Friday, August 24, 2012

The Nursery Diaries Part Ten: The Beach on Society6

In one of the first Nursery Diaries posts, I shared with you the Coney Island Beach Print that I already had and decided to hang over our crib.  The print is full of great colors, and the blurriness of the beach patrons provides a real abstract element to the photograph. 

The print comes from the hip and affordable art site Society6, and the more I searched the site, I found it to be a great resource for beach photos.  Again, such a great way to incorporate color and natural landscapes, and many of the photographs have a great vintage quality. 

All of these prints are also very reminiscent of the incredible, yet not so budget- friendly beach photography by Massimo Vitali and Slim Aarons:

Papeete Beach Regatta by Massimo Vitali

Vecchiano by Massimo Vitali

St. Tropez Beach by Slim Aarons

Barbados Beach by Slim Aarons

A regency-styled nursery with a huge Slim Aarons print!

images via my pinterest

What a great way to get that vintage beach look to use in any room for less!

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