Monday, August 20, 2012

Luxe Entertaining: Oldie but a Goodie...New Year's Dinner

As I was going through my archives of photos I came across these pics from a dinner party I hosted last New Year's Day.  You might recognize it from our Luxe Report logo...  
I'm reminded of what a fun and special evening it was!  Just a small, intimate group of best friends and great food and wine! There was lots of reflecting over the past year and many goals, wishes and resolutions for the year to come! Since that dinner party, between the six of us, we have had one wedding and two babies on the way! (oh yea, and a the birth of our blog!) A lot of wonderful things have taken place over the last 8 months and I look forward to what the remaining year has to offer!
I will say though, we do need to be better about our resolution to have more dinner parties!

When I came across the bunches of beautiful peonies in different shades of pink, it kind of set the stage for the table setting.  I incorporated more pops of pink with the ikat salad plates and homemade favor poppers and drink stirrers.  Using gold as the other predominate color created a sophisticated, glam and festive ambiance. Gold was introduced through the chargers, bread plates, polka dot water glasses and candlesticks.  Other glam elements were the lucite butter knives, cut crystal rose bowls and of course lots of candlelight.  The only things that were necessary to complete the look were my gorgeous friends, yummy beef tenderloin and delicious vino! What a perfectly wonderful evening!

Get The Look

I got my salad plates from Anthropologie but they are no longer available.  
These monogrammed ikat dishes are a cute alternative.

My favorite finishing touch...bunches of gorgeous cut peonies!

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