Friday, February 8, 2013

Local Flavor: HMF

HMF (which is named after The Breakers' founding father, Henry Morrison Flagler) is the new, uber chic restaurant/bar/lounge, located in the iconic Palm Beach Breaker's Hotel.  Opening recently in November 2012, it is the latest, glamorous spot to be seen in the area.  HMF is "an ode to golden era Palm Beach" blending the opulence of that time with fresh, newness through cuisine and decor.

The monogram logo is clean and simple and looks great etched on the wine glasses and embossed on the coasters. 

The stunning detail and architecture of the historic Florentine Room makes for an incredible backdrop for the restaurant and its more modern furniture.

The Classic Drink Menu 

Drinks of choice...Frescavescent and French 75

The wine is displayed in the most beautiful glass wine cellar and makes a great focal point at the end of the restaurant.

The menu is an array of smaller dishes with many different global influences and as well as influence from gourmet food trucks.

Chopped HMF Salad and Chinese Shrimp Fried Rice
Margherita Pizzette
All was absolutely delicious!  I look forward to trying many more things on the menu!

Well done HMF!   We look forward to coming back...again and again!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Happy to see a French 75 on the menu (and the table!)
That glass wine cellar is amazing!

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