Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Luxe Decor: Door Knockers

Remember my post last week on all of the surprising finds at Home Depot?! Well in those Luxe Picks I had included this brass shell door knocker:
It just so happens that I'm in the market for a new door knocker, as one of my poor little starfish's arms got chipped while a Christmas wreath took its place.
These beachy door knockers complement our Key West style home so well! And the beautiful brass and nickel finishes give a very luxe look, when so often beachy decor=cheesy decor.  I just may go with the nickel version of the scalloped shell as it pairs well with the rest of our hardware.
Nickel Scallop Shell

Whether you go for a coastal look, traditonal, whisimcal or a classic ring, door knockers are an accessory for your entry not to be overlooked! After all, it's all about the first impression, isn't it?!
(A brightly colored door doesn't hurt either)
images via my Pinterest


Do tell, which door knocker fits your home's style?


Portuguese Prepster said...

omg the lobster! I want it!

Anonymous said...

That lobster! So cute!


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