Monday, February 4, 2013

Luxe Lifestyle: Favorite New Purchase: Chaise Lounges

My latest fave purchase is our new outdoor chaise lounges.  These are something I've been looking for since the day we put an offer on our house.  I've always wanted a pool, and what good is pool without chaise to lay out by it?  I've scoured many local shops, antique and consignment stores for interesting, yet simple outdoor furniture, but no luck.  I've combed every website imaginable nearly weekly, looking for an attractive, simple and affordable option... I just about came to the conclusion that outdoor furniture is either hideous or ridiculously expensive...and usually BOTH!  But just last week as I was browsing Home Depot's website AGAIN (with very low expectations), I miraculously stumbled on a Simple and Affordable chaise!  PTL!  
Of course, the cushions aren't white and will probably cost as much as the chaise itself, to have them recovered, but I'll take what I can get!  With them, I've enjoyed out backyard more in the last week, then I have in the last three months!  Of course the perfect 75 degree weather helps too.

 Swany photo bombing the shot

Stay tuned for their mini makover!

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