Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Luxe Decor: Shagreen

Shagreen, or shark skin, is a beautiful and typically very high end design application.  Regardless if it is a faux or real skin, a piece of shagreen furniture can make a huge impact in your home, but also in your wallet.  This design element is pure luxury and adds great texture to a room.
photos via my pinterest

Recently, I've come across some great, affordable faux shagreen accessories to incorporate into your home without the huge expense.
I absolutely LOVE these trays from C. Wonder.  The colors are amazing and the gold rim make them look much more than they they are.

I love the neutral colors of these shagreen boxes and tray from Ballard Designs.

Martha Stewart has even come out with an office accessory line in the luxe finish.  Super chic for a home office!

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