Thursday, February 7, 2013

Luxe Decor: Backyard Updates

Christin has been busy completing her own tropical oasis, and we've recently embarked on sprucing up our backyard too! It must be the perfect 75 degrees not-a-cloud-in-the-sky weather we've been having that is serving as some major motivation!
We first started our backyard makover 2 years ago when we decided a pool was a must! It really opened up our backyard and gave us a new appreciation for outdoor living and dining.

Here's where we're at:


We really transformed a very small space and are fortunate to have a good amount of covered space for the living and dining areas.

 We have lots of tropical foliage (all which we planted) but I want more, more, more! A private oasis is what we're after! And as you can probably tell, there isn't much space between us and the neighbors. So last week new Birds of Paradise went in and I'm still trying to decide where to plant this beautiful purple Bougainvillea.

The next big step will be adding wood to the ceilings of the covered areas. It makes for such a beautiful, finished look!

The look will be similar to the  above photo with recessed lights added except we are painting the wood white to look more like this:

images via my pinterest

Ceiling fans will be changed to all white and a much simpler style:


When Christin and I went to France a couple summers ago we were OBSESSED with all of the umbrellas that line the beaches of the French Riviera.  We so badly wanted to bring one home with us! I've been wanting/needing an umbrella for some time,  but an umbrella in the shape and color I desired that doesn't cost a small fortune is hard to come by!

Cannes, France
I was thrilled to find this simple, but large umbrella for such a fantastic price! And of course I went for the color...wait for it...white!


The last item for our outdoor oasis that we've been talking about for some time is adding an outdoor shower.  Wouldn't it be so nice to shower off right after the pool in your own backyard?! I'm really liking the look, price and ease of this shower (no plumber needed!).


The wheels are in motion...stay tuned for our updated look!

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