Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Luxe Fashion: Neon

Okay, so I'll admit, I was not eager to jump on the neon bandwagon at first.  The last thing I want to achieve is a 80s fashion flashback...but check out these inspiring photos below...I think we can all agree, without the permed hair and leg warmers, neon can be totally chic!

Photos via my Pinterest

Of course the easiest way to incorporate a little neon is on your fingers and toes! There are so many fun colors out now!
Essie Poppy Razzi Neon Collection

Colored jeans continue to be a big trend...love all the neon options!

      Blouse                                             Sleeveless Blouse

Jewelry and accessories are so fun in neon!
Skinny Stud Bracelet

Currently, Luxe Report is loving the amazing, over the top jewelry by Doloris Petunia! (And of course, we love the name too! ;))
Check out her selection on Etsy!
Aqua Statement Necklance

Pink Statement Necklace

The studs are a fun, subtle way to add a little neon into your waredrobe!
Pink / Crystal / Yellow

Forever 21...Total Bargain

I love these classic camel clutches with the funky neon stipe!

Neon & Camel Leather Clutch

What We're Wearing...

Two Tone Clutch & Neon Yellow Drop Earrings
Clutch & Assorted Bracelets

Patterson J. Kincaid Dress & Mara Hoffman Dress with Assorted Necklaces

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