Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Look For Less: Calypso Sheesha Pillow

We've admired the Sheesha mirrored pillows from Calypso St. Barth by John Robshaw for years! Remember the ones in Olivia Palermo's New York apartment?! 
Olivia Palermo's NYC Apartment

Styling & Photos by Katie Ellinger

Calypso Sheesha Pillow
Available in 26x26 and 20x20

 I think we can all agree these pillows are pretty fabulous and can add a touch of glam to any space!  I, myself have admired them nearly every trip I take into Calypso.  It's only when I look at the price tag that I'm reminded why I haven't already scooped these beauties up!..At $250-350 a pop, they are a small fortune! And it's not like you can just buy one! Heck, I would love at least three for my sectional! Calypso has great mark downs but I have yet to see this pillow ever go on sale.  I finally realized it was time to seek other alternatives!

While perusing Etsy, we stumbled across a great Sheesha pillow lookalike!
While they are not identical, they achieve a very similar look for a fraction of the price! We're talking $33.00-66.00!  That a huge savings!  Pillow inserts are not included, however the savings is so huge and it's easy enough to get an insert at Joanne's, that it is still well worth it!
Etsy Reflections Pillow Cover
Also Available in 26x26 and 20x20

They are available in the same sizes as the Calypso pillows and even additional sizes in between!
There's even another color option!...

We think it's a pretty good look for less!
Perhaps now I can outfit my whole sectional!

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Emily V. said...

I recently purchased these pillows form that etsy shop and they are gorgeous! Very well made too. Love them!

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