Friday, July 20, 2012

The Nursery Diaries Part Five: Bedding and Fabric Choices & A Winner

I've always been a fan of Serena & Lily, but before now never paid much attention to their baby bedding.  When I clicked to view their crib sheets, I actually thought for a moment that I was still looking at their regular bedding! I couldn't believe all of the great choices! Soft colors and chic geometric patterns.  If I wasn't such a fanatic for all white bedding, I might even go for these sheets for myself! 

I couldn't decide so I sprung for two different sheets, which I figured I could interchange as I pleased (or as needed depending on just how messy Baby K is!).

I die for the crabs!!! I love how they are patterned and I feel they add just the right amount of "baby" to the room!

After ordering a few different crib bumpers, I decided that the price of Serena & Lily's basic white crib bumper was well worth it. It fits the best in the crib, with the ties easily and evenly distributed on the crib rails.  I also love that it doesn't have such a segmented look, which I found with a lot of the less expensive bumpers.

There are so many great fabric choices out there that I always have a tough time deciding exactly what to go with no matter what room I'm decorating.  Combined with the sheets, I wanted to incoporate a couple other bold prints, bringing in more navy and aqua blues. 

I found the solid aqua fabric in the remnant bin from MAC Fabrics in West Palm Beach for quite a steal!  The other fabrics are from Spoonflower.  I love the combination of the bold graphic print and the softer turquoise, bohemian block print.

                    Urn in China Blue                                Mumbai in Turquoise


Congrats to Michelle C.!  Please e-mail us at at so we can send you your tray!

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